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Your Trusted Pyrotechnic Company

Make your special day more exciting with fireworks. Contact Us

Your Trusted Pyrotechnic Company

Make your special day more exciting with fireworks. Contact Us

Providing Spectacular Fireworks Displays for Your Events

Southern Exposure Pyrotechnics is an insured, certified, and licensed pyrotechnic company that offers a wide variety of cost-effective fireworks displays to clients in Fredricksburg, VA. We have been in business since 2008, so you can trust that we have the expertise to provide you with a beautiful show.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide safe and legal fireworks displays in Virginia.

What Sets Us Apart

Southern Exposure Pyrotechnics is a small and local business, so we have less overhead costs. This means that we can provide you with affordable and personalized service. You will communicate directly with one of our licensed pyrotechnicians to plan your event from start to finish.

What We Do

In the past, if you wanted a big-budget fireworks production, you could either hire a large company or buy out-of-state pyrotechnics and do it yourself. However, buying fireworks from other states is illegal and dangerous. To legally use fireworks in Virginia, you need training, permits, and insurance.Our affordable fireworks productions include choice pyrotechnics, insurance, permits, as well as assistance from our professionally trained crew. Whether you want a small wedding sequence or a large Fourth of July pyromusical, you can rely on us to handle all your pyrotechnic needs.We use only the best small-caliber fireworks to create dynamic and unique designs that meet your individualized needs. Our team also utilizes the latest technology to fire your display or electronically synchronize it with music.While we like to have fun with our fireworks displays, we always provide our services with the utmost safety. This is why we work with local fire authorities to make sure that nobody gets hurt.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Our displays are much more flexible than most. Typically, the base price of a large-scale fireworks display from the “big guys” is around $3,000 to $5,000 for 2 to 5 minutes and continues at $1,000 per minute. Pyromusicals are usually double in cost. We can help you stick to your budget with much more affordable prices. 

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I’ve been setting off fireworks on my property for years. Why should I hire you?

You have enough to worry about—organizing and planning the event. Besides, Virginia law requires a certified pyrotechnician on-site for each display. Virginia also requires a permit and liability insurance, which we provide.

We fulfill legal requirements with cooperation from local authorities. Our fully trained technicians handle pre-show planning, fireworks and equipment, setup, set off, and cleanup afterward.

How much space is required?

A simple rule of thumb is 100 feet per inch in diameter of the largest shell used. So the more space, the higher you can go. At minimum, 200 feet is required for an aerial display. However, some there are other pyrotechnic effects that can be used much closer.

We have enough space. Will you come see the site and tell us where it will look best?

Absolutely! We inspect every site prior to the show. It is a vital part of the display design. Every site has its own perks and challenges.

We want fireworks but have no place to have a display. What can we do?

Pyrotechnics in close proximity to an audience can be one option. Rather than an aerial display, how about a sequence of ground-based items, topped off with a set-piece? A short phrase or simple picture made out of colored fire? Sparklers and confetti are another option, which can be either remotely fired by our technicians or held by your guests.

I love fireworks! How can I join the team?

We are always looking for passionate, enthusiastic and competent crew members. Contact us below to get the fuse lit.

Fireworks Display Information

Class B – Professional

Class B fireworks are the largest professional shells that a city festival display would use. The casual consumer does not normally have access to these and you must be licensed and trained properly to purchase, transport, and use them. This is the most expensive display option, and you also get the biggest bang for your buck.

These shells range between 2.5 – 8+ inches in diameter, and reach heights of 500 feet and above when launched.

This display option requires the largest safety and fallout radius, following the 100-foot-per-inch-of-fallout-radius rule.

Class C

Class C displays are two inches and below, and generally require a 200-foot safety radius. These fireworks are similar to out-of-state “illegal fireworks.” These are the most budget-friendly and best bang for your buck. A fire marshal permit and approval is still required, but often quicker to approve than a Class B permit.

Pyromusicals are also available for classes C and B.

Class C will have more shots per minute and can be more dramatic than a class B display.

Close Proximate (Indoor, Stage F/X, Sports)

This display option is used where venue space is limited. Events suiting this display option are commonly weddings, sporting events, concerts, theatrical productions, and corporate events.

Set Piece (Picture in Fire)

A set piece is a picture or words made out of colored flares called a lance. Each lance is one dot or pixel in the image, and they are all lit. The image normally lasts for about 60 seconds. The set piece can be part of a ground-based display and requires a 70-foot safety distance from its intended audience location.

An example of a set piece would be a 5×8 foot American flag, or a 2-foot circle of concentric hearts. Words can be lit to display “good night” or the bride and groom’s names for weddings.

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