How much does it cost?


Our displays are much more flexible than most. Typically, the base price of a large-scale fireworks display from the “big guys” is around $3000 to $5000 for two to five minutes and continues at $1000 per minute. Pyromusicals are usually double in cost. We can help you stick to your budget with much more affordable prices. For example, a small wedding party presentation sequence could cost as little as $500, aerial displays start at $1000, and Pyromusicals start at $3000 for a two-minute show.


I’ve been setting off fireworks on my property for years. Why should I hire you?



You have enough to worry about organizing and planning the event. Besides, Virginia law requires a certified pyrotechnician onsite for each display. Virginia also requires a permit and liability insurance, which we provide. We fulfill legal requirements with cooperation from local authorities. Our fully trained technicians handle pre-show planning, fireworks and equipment, setup, set off, and full cleanup afterwards.

How much space is required?


A simple rule of thumb is 100 feet per inch in diameter of the largest shell used, so the more space the higher you can go. At minimum, 300 feet is required for an aerial display. However, some theatrical type effects can be much closer.

We have enough space. Will you come see the site, and tell us where it will look best?




Absolutely, we inspect every site prior to the show. It is a vital part of the display design. Every site has it’s own perks and challenges.

We want fireworks but have no place to have a display. What can we do?



Pyrotechnics in close proximity to an audience can be one option. Rather than an aerial display, how about a sequence of ground-based items, topped off with a set-piece? A short phrase or simple picture made out of colored fire? Confetti is another option, which can be either remotely fired by our technicians or hand held by your guests.

What are Sky Lanterns?


A Chinese hot air balloon made of flame retardant, biodegradable paper. It creates a quiet, yet magical, effect when the lantern is launched. A waxed cardboard fuel is ignited underneath the envelope of the inflated lantern. After a minute or so, enough heat generates to make it peacefully rise into the sky. Following a five to ten minute flight, the fuel burns out, and the lantern floats harmlessly back to earth. The fire marshal deemed these uncontrollable wildfire, however, and thus they can no longer be used.

Not good enough I want a large fireworks display, do you have place for me?



Yes, we can work with many local venues to satisfy your needs.

Have any questions for us? Feel free to ask!

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