Class B - Professional

Class B fireworks are the largest, professional shells that a city festival display would use. The casual consumer does not normally have access to these, and you must be licensed and insured properly to purchase, transport, and use them. This is the most expensive display option and you also get the biggest bang for your buck.

These shells range between 2.5- 8+ inches diameter and reach heights of 500 feet and above when launched.

This display option requires the largest safety and fallout radius following the 100 foot per inch of fallout radius rule

Class C (Consumer)

Class C displays are 2 inches and below, and generally require a 300-foot safety radius. These fireworks are similar to out of state “illegal fireworks”. The most budget friendly bang for your buck that provides a ten minute display for as low as $3500. Fire Marshall permit and approval is still required, but often quicker to approve for a class B permit.

Pyromusical’s are also available for class C and B.

Class C will have more shots per minute and can be more dramatic than a class B display.

Close Proximate (Indoor, Stage F/X, Sports)

This display option is used where venue space is limited. Events suiting this display option are commonly weddings, sporting events, concerts, theatrical productions, and corporate events.

Set-Piece (Picture in fire)

A set piece is a picture or words made out of colored flares called "lance". Each lance is 1 "dot" or "pixel" in the image and they are all lit. The image normally lasts for about 60 seconds. The set piece can be part of a ground-based display and requires 70 feet safety distance from its intended audience location.

An example of a set piece would be a 5x8 foot American flag, or a 2 foot circle of concentric hearts. Words can be lit to display "good night" or the bride and groom's names for weddings

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